Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Purpose

Welcome to my Space Monitor blog. I hope you will find this blog to be fascinating, thought-provoking, informative, and inspiring.

Let me outline some goals I have for this site. Any feedback would be appreciated so if you have an opinion, comment away!
Anyways, here is what I had in mind:

1. Since the site is spacemonitor.blogspot.com, I obviously have a plan of monitoring space! But, to be a bit more specific, I plan on updating this blog whenever any big announcements come from the space travel/tourism/colonization area. Basically, I will be keeping tabs on all the major private companies involved in the privatized space industry such as Bigelow Aerospace, Virgin Galactic, Armadillo Aerospace, SpaceDev, Blue Origin and many more.

Besides commercial companies, I will also update on relevant news from government agencies (NASA, ESA, Russian Federal Space Agency, Chinese Space Agency, etc).

2. Not only do I want to make the blog a "one-stop" portal for space travel/tourism/colonization news I also want to add my own "two-cents" to the article. I want to comment on all aspects of news such as feasibility, the technology involved, possible ramifications, alternatives, spin-offs, etc.
But I don't want it to be all me. I want to make it interactive and hear your opinions, thoughts, and ideas. If demand is ever large enough I would definitely like to set up a community related to the blog for everyone to participate in (experts and neophytes alike).

3. I have a dream of one day starting my own space travel/tourism/colonization company and so I would like to occasionally post my own ideas and progress. I am currently in the very, very beginning stages of initiating my dream but if you stick around long enough I'd like to share with you my progress and my methods for achieving my goals. This topic will probably be the least updated but I will try to incorporate it into my comments on other space articles.

4. Occasionally I will write miscellaneous posts that don't really fit into any of the above categories. This will happen whenever inspiration strikes so I can't really put a specific label on this. Just know I will try to make it worthwhile :).

I will try to update this as much as possible, in the meantime I would appreciate any ideas or opinions.


It has been a fun ride so far so I thought I'd give a list of some of my all time favorite posts... I appreciate everyone's feedback on my articles and I definitely enjoy the discussions.

Personal Favorite Posts:

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Anonymous said...

Great blog pat. It's very informative.

Pat said...

Thank you :). Hopefully I can keep updating but I am going on vacation until mid January so it may be a bit more difficult.

Aunt Ann in Oregon said...

Hi Pat- Great site! I have a couple of suggestions triggered by viewing your site:
It makes me think of Don Pettit, an alum of Oregon State University that I interviewed. He is a great teacher and writer and has created several fun websites such as "Saturday Morning Science" with crazy experiments you can do in outerspace. He spent several months on the space station due to the Columbia disaster.
The other comment is Firefox - we host it at the OSU Open Source Lab on campus and I just did an article about it in our Dec. magazine. If you're interested: http://www.osualum.com/s/359/file_lib/1/11/200612_Stater_2429_633016995282800000.pdf
That's all, Pat. Keep up the good work!!
Aunt Ann in Oregon
PS: your ID photo (when viewed small) looks like our recently departed cat Felicity- well, at least to me it does.

Pat said...

Hi Aunt Ann! Thanks for the website, it has a lot of cool information and gave me a couple of good ideas :).I also read your article; I had no idea that Oregon St. was the source of Firefox (which might I add is the best browser I have ever used :-) ).

By the way, I'm glad you like my site!

Anonymous said...

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