Friday, March 2, 2007

Space Monitor Downtime...

OK, so I haven't been updating as much as I would like to because of my schedule and I apologize. I really would like to add several articles a week but it just hasn't been possible. So, for approximately the next 2 to 4 weeks I am going to work on articles and make myself a little 'article buffer.' Hopefully I will be able to build this buffer up and provide you, the readers with consistent content. This way you know when to expect me to post rather than coming back and seeing nothing several times in a row until you completely forget about it! In the meantime I will provide links to interesting, relevant articles in a format similar to my previous post. So, in less than a month I should have several articles written and ready to be published. Here's a sample of some of my ideas:

-Lunar Dirt Factories

-Top Hubble/Space Images (its nice to step back from the technical side and appreciate space for its fantastic beauty)

-Floating Colonies on Venus

-Various Launch Systems

and several other things!

If anyone has any ideas or anything else they would like to see discussed I encourage you to post it during this downtime period. I'm looking forward to your comments!

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JKinkley said...

hey pat, its your cuz jonathan

2 questions:

Will the ISS ever be completed? If so, what's the holdup?

What role can NASA, and other public space programs, assume now that the private space companies are driving the industry? And will those private companies be solely driven for financial reasons, or might some be in it to advance our scientific understanding of the universe?

JKinkley said...

oh, i forgot one other question:

if you were able to take a trip to space, but you had to share a rocket with lance bass...would you go?

keep up the good work with the site!

Pat said...

I think the ISS will eventually be completed, or at least close to it but not after wasting several hundred more billion dollars unfortunately.

NASA and private companies are going to be forming a new relationship. A lot of cooperative research will(is) be(ing) done and I think NASA will remain a fixture in America for a long time to come, regardless of what the private companies achieve. There is an international space treaty that everyone must follow and so the private companies will have to comply with regulations. Although, if they are all alone up there who is there to stop them from doing what they want? The point is currently moot because of Space's current inaccessibility. I honestly believe that curiosity and the people with dreams are the ones progressing humankind further into the space age. BUT, these "space CEO's" are venture capitalists and they do know how to make money. It would be foolish to assume that profit is not a high priority in their minds. The Space Industry is more of a longterm investment at the moment... a very longterm investment :). Did you get a chance to read any of my 3 part series on the money backing the private space industry? You can clearly spot both the goals you mentioned coming through.

As for a trip to space with Lance Bass... I suppose I could just accidentally leave him in space ;). Thanks for posting these great questions, I enjoy discussing this kind of stuff.